Love & Care

We strongly believe the true value of a Claudio Ferrici bag or wallet, should be the product itself.

Always made out of the finest Italian leather, it’s craftsmanship when it is produced, it’s design and funtionality, but most of all the love and care all Claudio Ferrici products receive during the whole process of making!

Relations & Respect

In Everything we do and all we work with, we always aim for a long lasting relationship.

We respect the people and business interests of all our partners, and can only hope to receive the same.

Besides that, we truly respect all workers and the environment during the whole process of producing and distributing up till the moment you make your Claudio Ferrici Procuct your own!

Friends & Family

While the brand “Claudio Ferrici” has been established in 1985, it has been built on decades of experience! Handbag making has been in our family for over three generations already.

Also many of our employees and business partners have been with us for so long, we consider them as friends or even family!

Fashion & Fun

Although functionality of Claudio Ferrici bags is always most important, we also believe every bag should have a hint of fashion and a splash of fun to make it both contemporary and for you to enjoy for a long time.

With Age comes Character

Leather products are made out of a natural materials, which ages when used. Like people we consider signs of the time to give a bag it’s unique character, each wrinkle or small scar has it’s own story.

Never use water/dirt repellent spray, shoe cream or suede spray on our leather, because this might damage the leather irreversibly and is not covered by warranty.

Like each skin, also leather can use some moisturizing from time to time, to extent the time of beauty of your product. With special clean and care spray, you  can give the leather what it needs. Use wisely, and always test on a less visible place first!