Love & Care

Our philosophy is: the true value of a Claudio Ferrici bag or wallet should be the product itself. This is what we strongly believe in!

Every style is made from the finest in Italian leather and produced with the best possible craftsmanship. The complete process of making, from the outside design, to the functionality of the inside and the producing of all our bags and wallets are made with the most love, care and attention we can give them.

Relations & Respect

Long lasting relationships with mutual respect is what we aim for, with everything we do.

Respecting our business partners and their way of doing business and respecting everyone who makes it possible for you to make a Claudio Ferrici product your own!

Friends & Family

The Claudio Ferrici brand is founded in 1985 and built with generations of experience providing a wealth of knowledge in the making of leathergoods.

Many of our employees and business partners have been with us for as many years, we consider them as our friends or even family!

Fashion & Fun

Functionality of a Claudio Ferrici bag of wallet is always the most important thing, however we also believe every item should have a hint of fashion and a splash of fun. This makes every style a contemporary product which you can enjoy for a long time!

With Age comes Character

Leather is a natural product, which ages when used. Like with people, signs of time give a bag its unique character, each wrinkle and each scar tells you a story!

Like skin, leather needs moisturizing from time to time, this keeps it in shape and looking beautiful. Our Clean & care spray can give your bag what it needs. Use it wisely and always test it on an less visible part of the bag first.

It is important you never use other products like repellent spray, shoe cream of suede spray on our leather as this might damage it. This damage is mostly irreversible and use of wrong products will end our warranty.