The Classico collection combines the classic yet modern designs with true genuine leather.

These Classic designs make them timeless and last for a lifetime.

The leather used for the Classico collection can be fully appreciated in the more ageless colours: Black, Navy and Brown. But also in the more daring Red and Fresh Cuoio.

This leather can be treasured.

Pelle Vecchia

The Claudio Ferrici Pelle Vecchia collection attracts attention with it’s daring pleats and leather.

It’s sporty but still elegant at the same time.

The leather is characterized with natural cracks and lines to give it a playful and lively look.

In use this will give it an even more unique and vintage look.

Besides the statement colours; Black, Navy, Red and Taupe, there is a wide selection of Summer colours in this collection; Crema, Champagne, Brick and Sunflower.

Quattro Stagioni

The Claudio Ferrici Quattro Stagioni collection will delight you with playful use of color and shape. Beautiful by simplicity. Perfect to catch that joyful spring feeling!

For this Spring/ Summer season there are 3 colour combinations available; Black/ Brick/ Taupe, Navy/ Red/ Crema and Brick/ Sunflower/ Crema.

Thanks to the use of different colours in one bag, it goes well with a lot of outfits!


The Claudio Ferrici Tresor collection is inspired by elegant and classic designs.

This collection has a distinctive character due to the bold use of Tortuga printed leather. This collection is a real treasure, hence the name!

Each bag and wallet is made out of 2 types of leather, which match perfectly together.

Available in classic Black, Navy, Red, timeless Grey and bright Crema and Champagne.