About us

Claudio Ferrici celebrates elegant designs with the genuine essence of leather. The handbags and small leather goods feature significant attention to finish and detailing. The designs bridge modern sophistication with serious functionality that manifests allure and class.

About our bags
Ever since we started out making Italian leather bags, our designers have had one thing in mind. You! A woman with a mind of her own. And let's be honest, lots and lots of women's needs. So inside your Claudio Ferrici you'll find all those nice little details that make a girl's life so much easier. As for the outside, lets talk leather. Genuine leather of course. We prefer the real stuff; beautiful Italian leather of the best quality. Carefully tanned and treated to give you the perfect look. Just give it a feel. Or a hug. Leather is a living thing, just like you. Care will make it last a lifetime. Designwise your Claudio Ferrici will stand out for being timeless and up to date at the same time. That's called class.

About our leather
All Claudio Ferrici products are manufactured from the finest Italian leathers. The use of natural materials results in each product having its own distinctive character and texture. Grain variations or shading are therefore an important and authentic feature of genuine leather. This makes each product one of a kind.

Enjoy your Claudio Ferrici.

Ciao bella!